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For adorning the interior/exterior walls, roofing, partitions, Water bodies of Homes, Hotels, Restro-Bars, Cafes, PVRs, Offices, Airports, Metro Stations, Hospitals, Farm-Houses, Stadiums, Subways, Educational Institutions

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RAJA TILES are here to bowl you over with the mystic charm created by the exotic, artistic designs, fancifully, created over any wall anywhere. From making MURALS adorning the exteriors of Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Educational Institutes Subways, Metro Stations, Stadiums, to decorating the interiors of Homes, Farm Houses, Offices, Swimming Pools in innovative styles.RAJA TILES has been aptly meeting the challenge put forth by modern architecture which is earnestly on the lookout for new concepts in construction/decoration and that too in Style of your own.These Hand Made Tiles, Murals – in dark bright colours as well as in light pastels shades, in moulded designs or ‘Jaalis’, Roofng Tiles, are exclusively made to suit individual’s requirement. The numerous colours and various shaped MURAL Tiles are available to give vent to your aesthetic, artistic and creative instincts; at whatever heights your imagination can take you to, as these can be used effectively and conveniently to give expression to you creativity.

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