Raja Tiles is dedicated to captivating you with the enchanting allure of our exotic, artistic designs. Our tiles and murals, adorned with fanciful creativity, are perfect for enhancing any space, from the exteriors of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and educational institutions to the interiors of homes, farmhouses, offices, and swimming pools. Embracing the challenges presented by modern architecture’s quest for innovative construction and decoration concepts, Raja Tiles offers personalised solutions that cater to your unique style.

Our handmade tiles and murals, available in vibrant dark colors, soft pastels, moulded designs, ‘Jaalis’, and roofing tiles, are tailored to meet individual requirements. With an extensive palette of colors and shapes, our mural tiles unleash your aesthetic, artistic, and creative potential, allowing your imagination to soar. Raja Tiles is committed to elevating the appearance of both exteriors and interiors, offering cohesive color schemes or diverse designs and murals in artistic formations.

Before making any decisions on partitions, roofing, or wall finishes, consider the distinctive offerings of Raja Tiles. Our dedication to innovation, coupled with our unique artistic sensibility and creative instinct, has enabled us to explore the vast applications of handmade ceramic murals and art glazed tiles. Our exceptional variety and designs have earned the trust and loyalty of customers not only in India but globally.

Raja Tiles stands out in the market as the sole provider of double-fired handmade tiles. Quality is our benchmark, and we never compromise on it. We employ stringent quality control measures at every production stage, ensuring only the finest tiles are fabricated. Our quality inspectors meticulously monitor the process, and every final product undergoes rigorous testing to assess its strength. Only tiles that are 100% fit are dispatched for sale.

We adhere to all industrial norms and international quality standards. Our tiles are tested and certified by government-approved testing agencies, guaranteeing their excellence. Supported by a robust infrastructure and a talented team of artisans, Raja Tiles excels in producing exquisite designs that are both appealing and unique. Each tile is crafted with care, pressed, glazed, and sealed by hand in our fully equipped manufacturing units located in Noida and Faridabad, India.

For those seeking unparalleled quality and creativity, the exclusive showrooms of Raja Tiles offer the best alternatives. Choosing Raja Tiles means engaging in a lifelong commitment where the need to repaint your walls becomes a concern of the past. Trust Raja Tiles to provide enduring beauty and protection for your walls forever.








Meet our Team

Sunil Mathur

Sunil Mathur is the inheritor of a rich legacy in the handmade ceramic tile business, established by his father, the late Mr. Raja Lal Mathur, in 1972. Continuing his father's vision, Sunil is deeply committed to preserving and promoting the artistry of ceramic craftsmanship. Specializing in bespoke handmade ceramic tiles, Sunil's venture combines traditional elegance with modern design, offering customers unique and timeless pieces that reflect the family's dedication to excellence.

Rohan Mathur

Rohan Mathur, our esteemed Head of Operations at Raja Tiles, is instrumental in blending tradition with innovation in our handmade ceramic tiles and murals. Joining the family business with a vision to exceed client expectations, Rohan oversees the entire production process to ensure excellence in every piece. He's also pivotal in managing our digital presence, connecting with our community and showcasing our designs. Under his leadership, Raja Tiles operates efficiently, promoting creativity and upholding our commitment to craftsmanship. Rohan's dedication is key to our success and embodies the spirit of Raja Tiles.

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Rohan Mathur +91 9810673897